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El Dorado County taking steps toward biomass cogeneration

By District Energy posted 04-19-2022 12:25


Tahoe Daily Tribune


Supervisors at their Tuesday, April 12 board meeting approved the formation of an ad hoc committee with goals of formulating plans on locating and establishing such a facility.

The ad hoc committee would consist of former county Environmental Management Director Greg Stanton leading the effort, District 4 Supervisor/Chair Lori Parlin and District 2 Supervisor George Turnboo. Turnboo is a long-time advocate for implementing a biomass facility in the county.

“A biomass facility in our county would be a great thing,” Turnboo said. “Especially when you are talking about all the debris that is in our forests’ floors that we can take out and produce power and electricity, which would be awesome.”

Biomass cogeneration is the process of simultaneously producing electricity and heat using plant-based materials, including waste wood, wood residue and forest debris.

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