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Estonia starts cooperation with Finland to tap into geothermal energy

By District Energy posted 04-27-2022 05:26


The Baltic Times


Last year, the Geological Survey of Estonia started a pilot project on the use of geothermal energy, which will explore the potential of geothermal energy in different parts of Estonia and as part of which two geothermal pilot plants will be built and cooperation with Finland started. 

Aivar Auvaart, project manager for geothermal energy at the Geological Survey of Estonia, noted that normally, low-temperature geothermal energy is derived in Estonia from a depth of about one meter by means of ground source heat pumps.

"The potential of medium and high temperature energy, which lies deeper than 500 meters from the Earth's surface, has not been studied more thoroughly in Estonia, but in Finland it is widely used for the production of thermal energy," Auvaart said in a press release

For example, in Kolho near the city of Jyvaskyla, and in Koskelo near Espoo, underground energy systems employing wells with a depth of almost 1.4 kilometers have an output of about 1.5 gigawatt-hours of heat per year.

"In Vantaa, at Ruskeasuo, a 2.5-kilometer borewell is currently being drilled, with the help of which the heating needs of 180 apartment buildings in the surrounding area are intended to be covered. In addition to heat, that station will also be used for district cooling," Auvaart said.

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