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Vermont Senate votes to support the clean heat standard

By District Energy posted 05-03-2022 11:25




The state Senate gave preliminary approval to a bill on Thursday that many consider the most significant piece of climate legislation in the Statehouse this session. 

The bill, H.715, passed by a voice vote, proposes a clean heat standard, which is designed to radically reform the state’s thermal sector. 

Using a credit system, it would require and incentivize heating-fuel distributors to decrease the amount of fossil fuels they sell over time, switching instead to a list of heating technologies and fuels that produce fewer greenhouse gas emissions. 

“Clean heat measures” in the bill include: “thermal energy efficiency improvements and weatherization; the supply of sustainably sourced biofuels; renewable natural gas; green hydrogen; cold-climate heat pumps and efficient electric appliances providing thermal end uses (for example, water heating and refrigeration); advanced wood heating; and renewable energy-based district heating services.”

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