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X-energy, Cavendish team up for UK HTGR deployment

By District Energy posted 05-11-2022 16:03


World Nuclear News


In a joint statement, the companies said the MoU complements the support Cavendish Nuclear - part of Babcock International Group - has for all three nuclear streams in the UK government's Energy Security Strategy: large-scale reactors; small modular reactors (SMRs); and advanced modular reactors (AMRs) such as HTGRs with the capability to focus on industrial heat and hydrogen.

"Together the companies would combine world-leading US technology with the project integration, manufacturing, modularisation and O&M capability of Cavendish Nuclear," they said.

The goal of the research programme is to "prove the potential" of advanced reactors and have a demonstration unit in operation "by the early 2030s, at the latest", the UK government has previously said. The key focus would be to produce high-temperature heat which could be used for hydrogen production, to supply industrial processes and potentially district heating as well as electricity generation.

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