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Prince Mohammed Bin Salman City signs up Dalkia EDF for key project

By District Energy posted 05-24-2022 20:13




Prince Mohammed Bin Salman Nonprofit City, located in the Irqah neighborhood on a 3.4 sq km area, said it has appointed Dalkia EDF Group to implement the highest standards of sustainability solutions at the newly launched destination.

A leading provider of energy services in France, Dalkia EDF Group, will operate and maintain the future district cooling network. The engineering, procurement and construction company ADC Energy Systems will be in charge of the construction work.

Henry said: "Through our pioneering initiatives in promoting the City’s sustainability features, we aim to set a new model for the region and take tangible measures to achieve the Kingdom’s vision to be Net Zero by 2060."

"The district cooling is one of the first steps we are initiating, with several more to follow, that will help cut the City’s carbon emissions by as much as 50 per cent. Our goal is to serve as a model in sustainable development by achieving LEED Gold certification with eco-conscious energy and water use solutions," he stated.

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