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Troy plans for geothermal system to heat and cool downtown

By District Energy posted 05-31-2022 18:27


Times Union


The city is seeking state approval to sink 200 geothermal wells in Riverfront Park to create a $12 million heating and cooling system for downtown businesses, nonprofits and residences to cut carbon emissions and lower utility costs.

The state Legislature has been asked to pass a bill allowing the city to lease sub-surface park land below the Front Street parking lot in Riverfront Park.  State action is required since park land is impacted by the work.

The city has $4.1 million in state funds for the first phase of the project to create the first municipal-run geothermal campus district in the state, plus an additional $500,000 for additional study for the second phase. The city is seeking to obtain the additional funding for the $12 million project. Similar projects have been undertaken by colleges, universities and private office parks, city officials said.

The city is working with the Troy Local Development Corp. (LDC), Siemens and CHA to plan and eventually build the geothermal loop that would transform delivery of some utility services downtown. Construction may begin in the late spring to early summer of 2023.

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