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Ready to Begin Planning a Community Heat Pump System? Join NYSERDA on June 21st for a Virtual Expo and Connect Directly with Solution Providers

By District Energy posted 06-08-2022 06:18


Meet with a Solution Provider and Begin Planning a Community Heat Pump System in Your Community or Campus Located in New York State.

Join NYSERDA for a Virtual Expo on Tuesday, June 21 9:00 a.m. - 5p.m. ET

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For technical issues with registering or joining the event, please email for support.

You’re invited to join a Virtual Expo and connect with a Solution Provider to begin planning a feasibility study, detailed design, or construction of a Community Heat Pump System in your community or campus located in New York State.

Community heat pump systems make use of energy stored in the earth or in bodies of water to heat and cool a building or a set of buildings. These systems can serve single buildings but can also be configured as district-style systems, also known as Community Heat Pump Systems or Community Thermal Energy Networks. By designing the ground loop to reach multiple buildings, entire communities or campuses can enjoy the many benefits of these systems while realizing significant cost savings as compared to individual systems.

Cities, towns, and campuses across New York State are increasingly looking at options to reduce their carbon footprint including low-carbon heating and cooling technologies. Community Thermal Energy Networks are excellent options to provide affordable, efficient, and low-carbon heating and cooling to buildings while reducing operating and maintenance costs.