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NREL Helps Develop Colombia’s Next Generation of Renewable Energy Leaders

By District Energy posted 06-14-2022 16:00




While much of the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) campus sat quietly late on a Friday afternoon, one conference room was still bustling with activity. Nearly 20 international visitors sponsored by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) were just wrapping up an action-packed, week-long site visit to NREL.

As part of the wrap-up discussion, Daniella Rough, a program manager in NREL’s Acceleration Deployment and Decision Support center, and one of the principal organizers of the trip, asked the group what the most interesting part of their visit to NREL was. Almost in unison, they responded in Spanish with an enthusiastic “¡Todo!”, or in other words, “All of it!”.

The visiting group was a cohort of early-career energy sector leaders from Colombia who traveled to NREL’s campus in May 2022 to tour the facilities, learn from NREL’s experts, and collaborate in person after nearly three years of working together virtually. The cohort was composed of the 10 top-scoring and most engaged participants from the Young Leaders Variable Renewable Energy (VRE) Capacity Building program, as well as key project implementing partners.

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