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Rolls-Royce's 'unique' reactors will power one million homes each to tackle energy crisis

By District Energy posted 06-27-2022 12:47




As part of its efforts to end the global fossil fuel energy crisis, the UK has invested heavily in nuclear power, with a goal for nuclear to generate a quarter of its energy supply by 2050. Britain has even invested in the development of new technologies, specifically backing Rolls-Royce's small nuclear reactors, which are expected to be built much faster and cheaper than conventional nuclear reactors.

Speaking to, Dan Gould, Head of Communications at Rolls-Royce SMR said: “Rolls-Royce SMR’s nuclear power station design is based on well-established and understood Pressurised Water Reactor (PWR) technology – currently, there are hundreds of these kinds of reactors operating around the world (Sizewell B in Suffolk and the Hinkley Point C station currently under construction are both PWR reactors).

"470MW (enough to power around a million homes) is the highest output we can achieve and still be able to build the largest components in a factory and transport them on standard road vehicle to site for assembly." 

Once the design for the reactor is approved and the factory is up and running, the company expects to produce a reactor every six months, creating 40,000 jobs and over £50billion worth of investment.

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