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‘It is innovative’: District Energy facility to draw power from Mississauga wastewater

By District Energy posted 06-28-2022 09:31


The Region of Peel has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Enwave Energy to undertake a cutting-edge project to turn treated wastewater into power.

The District Energy project plans to use thermal energy from treated wastewater, or effluent, at the G.E. Booth Wastewater Treatment Plant and the Clarkson Wastewater Treatment Plant to create energy to support the planned Lakeview Village Development.

The Lakeview Village Development is a plan to turn the 177-acre site of a former coal power plant into a revamped waterfront community, with more than 8,000 new housing units, an innovation district, restaurants, parkland and more.

“This is an exciting day for wastewater,” said Anthony Parente, general manager of water and wastewater for the Region of Peel, who gave an update to council on the project.

This facility would be used to heat and cool buildings within the village, instead of using boilers and chillers that use fossil fuels.

The Lakeview Village development is expected to reach full build-out by 2034 and its predicted that district energy systems could save 50 per cent of traditional greenhouse gas emissions associated with traditional heating and cooling.

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