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The Seas are Rising. Are Real Estate Developers Boston’s Best Hope for fending Them Off?

By District Energy posted 06-28-2022 09:27


Boston Globe


In Charlestown, a series of wide steps will rise up from the edge of the Mystic River. Along the east side of Fort Point Channel, there are plans for an 8-foot high, tree-lined berm. And the shores of Dorchester Bay could one day be protected by a barrier that would essentially extend Moakley Park along the Columbia Point peninsula.

New waterfront developments wending their way through city and state approvals have been packaged with projects designed to help them weather sea level rise and storm surges that are expected to worsen in the decades to come.

Waterfront advocates aren’t so sure. They’re glad developers are taking the matter seriously. But they worry a project-by-project approach could leave swaths of Boston’s waterfront and low-lying inland neighborhoods vulnerable. Then there’s the question of equity: What if flood protection gets built first for luxury housing and pricey offices, while defenses elsewhere are put off?

But will it be enough to ward off disaster?

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