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UK’s first ‘industrial scale’ carbon capture plant opens in Cheshire

By District Energy posted 06-28-2022 15:06


Chemistry World


A carbon capture plant that has opened in Northwich is the largest such project in the UK. The £20 million facility will convert 40,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide into food and pharmaceutical grade sodium bicarbonate each year.

Carbon capture technology that removes carbon dioxide from the waste streams of industrial sites is a key part of the UK’s net zero strategy. The government hopes to capture up to 30 million tonnes of CO2 each year by the early 2030s, and at least 50 million tonnes by the middle of the next decade.

But there are relatively few large-scale carbon capture facilities in operation around the world, and work is ongoing at pilot facilities to try and bring down the technology’s significant energy demands.

Now, Tata Chemicals Europe has opened the UK’s largest carbon capture facility at its chemical plant in the northwest of England. The unit will capture more than 10% of the carbon dioxide produced at the site’s combined heat and power plant (CHP).

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