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Notice of Request for Partners - Community Energy Resilience Pathways: Community-based Metrics in the District

By District Energy posted 07-04-2022 17:55




DOEE seeks eligible entities to partner on a grant application to the US Department of Energy (DOE) to implement energy resilience research and development  in the District.

A partner will assist in the different phases of the project. Phase 1: Develop a community energy resilience baseline index, which will include survey research among residents, community leaders, and critical service providers. Phase 2: Identify sites for proposed resilience infrastructure, such as solar-powered resilience hubs with backup battery storage. Phase 3: Host a collaborative stakeholder engagement workshop. 

The amount available for one or more partner is up to $700,000 depending on award size and the scope of activities.

 Eligibility: All the checked institutions below may apply for these grants: 

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