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Danfoss provides two tons of equipment to Kharkiv residents

By District Energy posted 07-12-2022 19:40




Equipment will be used to support the restoration of heat supply to 250 houses.

A shipment from Danfoss containing two tons of equipment has been delivered to the Kharkiv communal heating supply company to help in the restoration of heat supply to 250 residential houses.

This donation of equipment, consisting of fittings, valves and actuators, comes just a few weeks after Danfoss shipped equipment to the Ukrainian cities of Mykolayiv and Chernihiv to support the restoration of district heating systems and provide heating and hot water to its citizens.

The City of Kharkiv is suffering one of the most intense shellings since the war has broken out. By the beginning of June, at least 7% of its district heating infrastructure had been already damaged or destroyed.

Oleksiy Luka, deputy technical director of Kharkiv heating networks says: “We have been in an established partnership with Danfoss for a long time. I cannot overemphasize the fact that in these difficult times they were first to lend a helping hand and donate the most needed equipment”.

Due to diversification of heat generation sources, a modern district heating system removes dependence on natural gas, and ensures the reliability and efficiency of the heating supply. Therefore, along with bringing critical needs before the heating season, it is now necessary to plan how to rebuild the district heating system of Kharkiv and other cities in a better way.

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