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Adam Schiff is appointed CEO of Cartier Energy Holding, a Vauban Infrastructure Partners investment funds owned company

By District Energy posted 07-27-2022 08:52


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Vauban Infrastructure Partners is pleased to announce the appointment of Adam Schiff as CEO of Cartier Energy Holding, which owns a portfolio of eight district energy systems in New JerseyMichiganDelawareMassachusetts, and Connecticut. The systems provide reliable, sustainable, and cost-efficient sources of energy solutions to a key customer base including universities, hospitals, municipalities, and commercial & industrial customers. The portfolio is part of the top 5 District Energy systems in the United States providing key services (steam, chilled water, hot water and electricity generation) to its customers.

DCO Energy, an industry-leading developer and operator, will maintain operations and maintenance of the asset facilities under a long-term contract. DCO Energy will also support Cartier Energy and Vauban with the carbon footprint reduction objectives and ongoing investment in the development and expansion of the facilities and asset base.

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