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City of Glasgow, Scotland explores possibility of 6,000m geothermal well

By District Energy posted 08-17-2022 15:21


Think GeoEnergy


As reported by various local news outlets in Glasgow, Scotland, the Glasgow City Council is engaged on investigations into the feasibility of geothermal energy for Scotland’s biggest city.

This was announced by the city of Glasgow’s Head f sustainability Gavin Slater. Mr Slater told the council’s net zero and climate progress monitoring city policy committee: “Geothermal energy is something that has been successfully utilised in many countries in Europe. There is every indication from the pre feasibility work that has been done in Glasgow that Glasgow has the right geological conditions to enable deep geothermal.”

Explaining how it will work, he added: “It would manifest itself in the delivery of a six kilometre deep geothermal well, which would produce 200 degree steam, which we would run through a turbine and turn into electricity with the effluent from that being 100 degree water, which we could distribute through a district heating network.”

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