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In this Italian city, bills cost half as much as they do due to district heating

By District Energy posted 08-17-2022 15:15


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In the heart of Tuscany, in the province of Pisa, lies the small village of Larderello, part of the municipality of Pomarance. Its fortunate position on the metalliferous hills of central Italy certainly offers suggestive landscapes but this is not the only advantage for the inhabitants of the area. The town, in fact, is partly owned by Enel and the production of geothermal energy it amounts to about 10% of that worldwide. A wealth that is transformed into substantial savings in the energy bills of all users of the city and the entire territory.

As the inhabitants themselves declare, the district heating manages to halve the costs in the bill with considerable economic advantages. In addition, the overall system that gravitates around geothermal production proves to be excellent at the regional level sector of use. Between direct and indirect employees, in fact, the plant employs about four thousand people. Thus, Tuscany relies on geothermal power from Larderello to cover approximately 30% of its energy needs (data: Cgil Toscana).

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