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University of Georgia focuses on energy conservation and sustainability

By District Energy posted 08-24-2022 13:47


UGA Today


The University of Georgia is committed to operational sustainability and energy conservation. With unprecedented increases in energy costs, these efforts are more critical than ever.

UGA is implementing several strategies to combat rising costs and increase efficiencies around campus:

  • A six-phase Central Steam Plant modernization will include newer, high-performing steam boilers with heat recovery energy-saving features and modern controls. The Central Steam Plant keeps the university’s critical steam utility operating efficiently, reliably and safely.
  • Chilled water utility centralization will replace old, inefficient chillers with large, high-efficiency ones located in centralized district energy plants. Those energy plants will also undergo a third-party, dynamic optimization to monitor and adjust operations continuously based on real-time conditions.
  • An in-house Facilities Management Division (FMD) commissioning team has been tasked with optimizing building performance across campus.
  • LED lighting and occupancy sensing controls are being retrofitted across campus.
  • Through a partnership with Georgia Power, UGA earns more than 1,600 megawatt-hours of renewable energy credits by hosting the 1-megawatt solar array on South Milledge Avenue. That’s enough to power nearly 80% of UGA’s electric bus fleet.
  • Georgia Power is also assisting UGA with planning and implementing other cost-effective electric transportation strategies.

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