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University of Colorado CHP Case Study: Lowering the Carbon Footprint of Traditional Power

By District Energy posted 08-29-2022 15:13


Energy Tech


There are a great many technologies being advanced to lower emissions and reduce the overall carbon footprint. Green hydrogen, renewable energy, and battery storage tend to receive the bulk of attention.

All are valid. But due to the number of traditional power plants and combined heat and power plants (CHP) in existence and the lack of likelihood that they will all be shuttered anytime soon, these facilities represent another avenue that can lead towards the achievement of net-zero targets.

Take the case of the many facilities providing on-site power around the world. There are thousands of these plants, primarily operating on natural gas and steam, many of them decades old. According to Bruce Hedman, Managing Director and CHP Systems Accelerator Coordinator at Entropy Research, there is more than 80 GW of installed CHP capacity in the United States alone, amounting to more than 4,600 industrial and commercial facilities. This accounts for 7% of the nation’s generation capacity and 12% of total generation.

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