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New white paper: Designing a resilient district energy infrastructure

By District Energy posted 09-07-2022 09:14




Consumers increasingly want greater living comfort, competitive energy costs, and greener solutions for their heating. And in urban centers, district energy utilities can harness local, renewable energy resources despite unforeseen disruptions—from natural disasters to fuel shortages.

How can district heating utilities ensure the system‘s resilience and provide undisturbed supply, all while meeting the decarbonization goals? Check out the new white paper where we uncover how to plan, design and optimize to ensure a resilient district energy network.

1. A resilient district energy infrastructure

2. Challenges faced by district heating utilities in times of crisis

3. District heating expansion: How to design, build, and operate for resilience

a. System design and operation
b. Heat sources
c. Distribution network
d. Resilient buildings and heating interfaces

4. Checklist for resilient district energy systems

5. Solutions and technologies

The white paper is based on a research article‚ District Energy – the resilient energy infrastructure‘  by Oddgeir Gudmundsson, Danfoss A/S.

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