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Why building design is critical for optimizing heat network efficiency

By District Energy posted 09-07-2022 09:17




At the turn of the year, the UK government announced a major expansion of heat networks in the country, with a £19 million contribution to the setting up of five new networks in Bristol, Liverpool, London, and Worthing. Funding comes from the Heat Networks Investment Project (a fund of £320M) launched in 2018, as well as a second capital grant fund, the Green Heat Networks Fund totaling £288M.

The government views heat networks as one of the most cost effective routes long term to decarbonise the country’s heat supply, according to Simon Woodward, Chairman of the UK District Energy Association.

While the majority of existing networks are still supplied by gas, the target is to decarbonise them by the early 2030s. Any new ones being built now should draw from low carbon heat sources such as recovered heat from the likes of waste plants, data centres, sewage works, industrial facilities, and even large rivers.

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