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Elizabeth II strongly championed climate action

By District Energy posted 09-21-2022 22:13


The Pioneer


The 8th of September saw the end of an era, as Queen Elizabeth the second, Britain’s long-serving monarch, breathed her last at the Balmoral Castle in the UK.

The Queen was passionate about her health, which is evident in her longevity, but perhaps the less-known fact is that she was also very passionate about nature and environment. For a person born in 1926 when environmental concerns were a far off worry, the Queen quickly adapted to the awareness of worsening environment and climate change. 

The Queen kept a watchful eye over how much non-renewable energy was used across her estates, monitoring consumption through a network of 60 smart meters. Furthermore, in an initiative to cut down power usage, energy-efficient LED lighting, which promised to use 86 per cent less electricity, were installed in the royal estates at the Queen’s insistence.

It is also interesting to know that the Queen’s estate is also not heated by the National Grid of Great Britain, instead the Buckingham Palace and Windsor castle both use combined heat and power plants and boilers to convert natural gas into electricity.

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