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Ohio county looks to microgrids to attract and retain business by boosting resilience

By District Energy posted 09-21-2022 22:19


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Cuyahoga County plans to use microgrids to bolster climate change resilience and overall reliability for key manufacturing and industrial operations in the Greater Cleveland area. The work furthers the county’s goals of adding clean energy and promoting economic development.

Most of the time, microgrids operate as part of the electrical grid, often supplying some electricity from renewable energy or combined heat and power. When power on the main grid goes down, the microgrid can switch to “island mode” and supply electricity for essential operations.

“We’re focused on industrial companies and customers because we really want to bring resiliency to manufacturing in Ohio,” said Valerie Katz, Cuyahoga County’s assistant director of sustainability, speaking at the Ohio Manufacturers’ Association Energy Conference in Westerville on Sept. 8.

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