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Next Stage of District’s Proposed Energy Network Heats Up

By District Energy posted 4 days ago


Kirklees Together



One of Kirklees Council’s key carbon reduction projects reached another milestone in its journey today. Approval by councillors at Cabinet will now enable the Heat Network project to progress to the next phase.

If the scheme is ultimately approved and constructed it is expected to achieve significant carbon emission savings of around 70%. This is when considered against typical individual gas boilers, over the lifespan of the scheme. In addition air quality improvements, through the removal of the need of natural gas-fired boiler plants at sites that would be able to connect to the network.

Heat network piping can also last over 50 years and has the ability to accommodate different sources of heat. So if an existing energy source reaches end of life, it can be removed from the system and replaced by a new source. This makes the system even more sustainable adding to its environmental credentials.  

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