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Central Building Block Of The Energy Transition: “MultiTESS” Ceremonially Opened

By District Energy posted 09-26-2022 10:04




The reliable and CO2-free supply of heat and electricity from regional renewable energy sources is a complex problem in industry. Kraftanlagen Energies & Services solves it as a general contractor with its new Green Heat Module (GHM) product. In order to decarbonise an even greater number of industrial processes, Kraftanlagen Energies & Services, together with the Solar Institute Jülich of Aachen University of Applied Sciences (SIJ) and consortium partners Otto Junker and Dürr Systems, developed a so-called power-to-heat storage system in the multiTESS project, which operates at a temperature level of 1000 degrees Celsius. This allows energy to be stored in the form of high-temperature heat (“loaded”) and this heat to be converted back into electricity when needed (“unloaded”). In addition, external heat sources – such as waste heat from industrial processes – can also be included. It is also conceivable to use the stored heat not only to produce electricity, but also to feed it into public district heating networks or to provide process heat for (heavy) industry. To make this possible, the test facility has now been opened in Jülich. 

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