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Dartmouth College explores geothermal energy

By District Energy posted 09-27-2022 10:40


Valley News


Dartmouth College will begin drilling test wells on Tuesday in an expanded search for geothermal energy.

After digging 13 wells in 2007, Dartmouth was able to introduce geothermal, also known as geoexchange, heating and cooling in two residence halls. That system provides 100% of the air conditioning and 25% of the heat for those buildings. The college dug another test well in 2019 on the Dartmouth Green, the results of which showed that land there could be another viable site for ground source heating and cooling. 

“Our geothermal investigation is an important part of our larger transition to renewable energy systems, which is going to shape the future of Dartmouth for the next 100 years in terms of how we are going to heat and cool our buildings,” Julia Pfeiffer, program manager for Dartmouth’s energy infrastructure renewal, said in a press statement from the college about the test wells. 

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