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Finnish supermarket puts waste heat from refrigeration to use

By District Energy posted 09-27-2022 10:02


Good News from Finland


The solution, developed in co-operation with VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, turns the S-Market supermarket into an efficient heat production facility that can heat 150 detached houses without much of a carbon footprint.

“The concept alters the entire business model,” stated Tuomas Paaso, project owner at VTT. “The supermarket does not buy heating energy. Instead, the district heating company invests in the equipment inside the market and agrees to buy the resulting energy while guaranteeing the supermarket the service it needs.”

S Group, the largest retail chain in Finland, has outlined plans to adopt the solution at altogether 110 of its supermarkets in a bid to bring down the markets’ district heating-related emissions to zero. The solution is to be initially adopted at 11 outlets in northern parts of the country given the high concentration of low-energy outlets in the region.

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