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STACK data centre provides excess heat for Oslo homes

By District Energy posted 09-27-2022 10:09




STACK Infrastructure and Oslo’s district heating provider Hafslund Oslo Celsio have completed a project to provide heat and hot water for up to 5,000 Oslo homes using excess heat produced by STACK’s OSL01 data centre.

According to STACK, this is the first time heat reuse technology has been retrofitted to a data centre in Norway to supply emission-free district heating.

As part of the project, initially conceived in 2018, a dedicated heat-exchange plant was constructed on STACK’s OSL01 campus, featuring insulated pipework and cooling coils retrofitted to the data centre.

The OSL01 data centre now exports around 3.5MW of heat energy into the Oslo district heating system, reducing Celsio’s alternative energy production by 25,000,000kWh (25GWh).

District heating is an important component of city infrastructure in Norway, with Celsio’s 60-mile thermal energy distribution system shifting energy from areas with excess to areas in need.

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