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Australia’s New Nickel Mine to Host the World’s Largest Microgrid

By District Energy posted 09-28-2022 08:04


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West Musgrave’s large $1.7 billion nickel and copper project is a significant renewable microgrid on earth. Oz, a new mining group, announced this project earlier this month, after which Australia approved it last week.

Oz Minerals is located near the borders of South Australia and the Northern Territory. Although it aims at 100%, it will start by supplying over 80% of its electrical energy from its proposed microgrid.

‘Investment approval for West Musgrave unlocks one of the largest undeveloped nickel projects in the world and, with expected lowest quartile costs, it is set to generate ~ $9.8 billion undiscounted cash flow over its 24-year operating life,’ OZ Minerals chief executive Andrew Cole said in a statement.

The facility is proposed to feature a combination of 60MW of photovoltaic, 90MW of wind, and a large battery. The company believes this combination will enable it to achieve its 100% renewable goal. The model of the battery is still unknown. However, the dimensions will depend upon several factors, including the work bulk in the mine, the processing plant operators, and estimated solar and wind intensity for several seasons.

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