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Austin Energy Issues Solicitation for Multi-Vendor Contract for Chilled Water Construction in the Right of Way.

By District Energy posted 10-11-2022 06:48


Solicitation for a multi-vendor contract for chilled water construction in the right of way. This includes: provision of pipe, piping hot taps, excavation, tunneling, or boring as required for pipe installation, along with all required casing spacers, tunnel supports, tunnel safety provisions, tunnel dewatering, traffic control provisions including barricades, signage, and safety fencing, valve boxes with traffic rated lids, valve operator stem extensions; butterfly valves and gear operators; air elimination assemblies to include buried traffic-rated enclosure and lid, 2 riser piping, concrete base, shutoff ball valves, automatic air release devices, and associated piping tees and fittings; sediment containment, tree protection, CLSM, pea gravel and grouting, pipe wall penetration seals; assisting Owner's chemical testing company; soil compaction; street, curb, and sidewalk repair, communications manholes, with inner duct, raceways, and hooks for communications fiber optic cabling, installation of fiber optic cabling, removal of excavated materials and spoils; along with associated appurtenances and services.

Solicitation is due on Thursday, December 1, 2022 prior to 2:00 PM.


The initial term of this contract is $10M for 24 months, with the option to extend for three more 12-month terms at $5M per term, for a total Not to Exceed amount of $25M.


Non-Mandatory Pre-Response meeting (virtual via Teams, link is in solicitation documents) is Tuesday, October 18, 2022, at 10:00 AM


The link to Austin Finance Online (AFO) is: Austin Finance Online (  (interested parties would need to enter CLMB340 in the search bar for open solicitations).