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Dartmouth College Begins Testing on Four Geothermal Wells in Effort to Cut Fossil Fuel Emissions

By District Energy posted 10-12-2022 05:33


The Dartmouth


In an effort to meet College President Phil Hanlon’s 2017 goal of reducing campus-wide greenhouse gas emissions by 50% by 2025 last month, the College began testing four locations for potential geothermal wells. The drilling team has already tested two geothermal wells — one between Maynard parking lot and Kellogg Hall and another northeast of Scully-Fahey field — and is currently drilling in the Thompson parking lot before moving on to drilling in the northwest corner of the Dewey parking lot. 

Geothermal energy is key to emission reduction, according to sustainability director Rosalie Kerr, who added that Dartmouth has traditionally burned No. 6 fuel oil — a classification of the type of oil burned — at a central power plant. The steam released from this fuel source is both environmentally unfriendly and inefficient, she said. 

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