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Hy hopes: A green future for gas turbines?

By District Energy posted 10-12-2022 05:56


Energy Voice


Siemens Energy is confident that hydrogen will assure a green future for its gas turbine technology – the question is whether there will be enough green fuel to go around.

In an energy market that is increasingly looking away from gas for heat and power generation – as much for economic reasons as climate concerns – is there a future for the stalwart gas turbine?

“It’s a big debate, and it’s also a matter of perspective and a matter of timeline,” muses Karim Amin, a member of Siemens Energy’s executive board and vice president for its generation business. He is however, confident there is.

It is perhaps unsurprising given Siemens Energy’s considerable stake in the turbine market, but in the medium term it’s clear that the technology isn’t going anywhere.

Why bother retaining gas-burning equipment at all in a net zero system, if the long-term goal is to reach 100% renewable energy?

Aside from its dispatchability, the utility and scale of gas-fired rotating equipment in the electricity market means hydrogen is a viable bridge solution to deal with the intermittency of renewable power – not to mention the additional efficiency gains of other applications such as combined heat and power (CHP).

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