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Harvard Greenhouse Gas Emissions Remained Flat for Sixth Consecutive Year in 2021

By District Energy posted 10-26-2022 21:33


The Harvard Crimson


Harvard’s campus greenhouse gas emissions remained stagnant for the sixth straight year in 2021, despite the University’s ambitious plans to eliminate fossil fuels from its operations by 2050.

Harvard has pledged to make its campus fossil fuel-neutral by 2026 and fossil fuel-free by 2050. But the amount of carbon emitted on campus has remained flat since 2016, according to data released earlier this semester as part of the University’s annual sustainability report.

Still, University officials say Harvard is on pace to meet its goals.

“The University is on track to become fossil fuel-free by 2050 and fossil fuel-neutral by 2026 and will do so by addressing four key components: its District Energy Systems, its standalone buildings, its purchased energy supply, and its fleet vehicles,” Harvard spokesperson Amy Kamosa wrote in a statement Tuesday.

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