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Geothermal experts say borehole data at Cornell University shows promise

By District Energy posted 11-09-2022 21:11


Cornell Chronicle


Nearly 175 community members joined a town forum Nov. 3, held in person and online, to hear updates on the Cornell University Borehole Observatory – known as CUBO. The observatory represents a major step toward achieving viability for the university’s Earth Source Heat (ESH) project to warm the Ithaca campus without the use of fossil fuels.

During the program, panelists explained that water will flow through fractures in Earth-heated rocks, and then a second well will extract it as hot water. Once the hot water returns to the surface, it will go through a heat exchanger to be circulated through the campus’ existing district heating system. The original water is returned to the subsurface, where it warms back up and begins the cycle again.

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