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How ASU Has Gained Recognition for Its Sustainability

By District Energy posted 11-09-2022 21:09


The State Press


While walking around the Tempe campus, students might take a moment to sit in the shade under a giant solar panel out front of the Memorial Union.

However, many students might not know that technologies like solar panels have helped ASU earn national recognition for sustainability practices.

October was Campus Sustainability Month, and ASU held walking tours that featured locations and technologies best exemplifying the University's efforts in sustainability.

Here are some of them:

Central Plant Water Capture Project

ASU requires over a billion gallons of water annually to operate, as the desert requires high levels of air conditioning.

Water is central to sustainability in Arizona because many areas of the state are in severe drought this year, according to the Arizona Department of Water Resources, and ASU is not exempt from those challenges. Part of how the University approaches the water crisis is through the Central Plant Water Capture Project (CPWCP).

ASU pumps water through the central plant to provide air conditioning to buildings across the nearly 650-acre Tempe campus. The plant "uses 600 million gallons of water a year," said Kirby Skoric, a graduate student in the field of sustainability who is an intern through the College of Global Futures.

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