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New report advocates using waste heat from data centers in district heating

By District Energy posted 11-09-2022 21:45


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A new report from the Cool-Data project sheds light on the possibilities for utilizing flexibility and waste heat from data centers in Denmark. DTU's researchers answer five questions about how the energy can be utilized in the district heating.

In the project Cool-Data a team of researchers from DTU (DTU Compute, DTU Construct, and DTU Management), together with four companies and a utility, work on developing and implementing an innovative integrated cooling and storage system adapted for small and medium-sized data centers (up to 500 servers). The cooling process produces a lot of heat that could be used in the surrounding energy system.

In a new report, Cool-Data provides a comprehensive review of the rules and incentives affecting the provision of flexibility and waste-heat recovery by data centers in Denmark as the European Union wants data centers to be connected to the surrounding district heating network to use the surplus heat.

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