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This Casino Gambled on Geothermal—and Hit the Jackpot

By District Energy posted 11-21-2022 13:06


Mother Jones


The Peppermill Reno Resort is just one of a dozen large casinos in “The Biggest Little City in the World.” It boasts over 1,600 guest rooms, a three-story spa, a fitness center, multiple pools, nine restaurants and 15 bars and lounges, in addition to the 82,000-square-foot gambling space. And virtually every inch, from the pools to the parking ramp, is heated and cooled by geothermal waters, drawn from a depth greater than 4,400 feet below the ground at a rate of 800 gallons a minute in summer, 1,200 gallons a minute in winter.

The last time the Peppermill crunched the numbers, three or four years ago, the geothermal district heating system had saved the company $6 million. The carbon emissions associated with heating and cooling the sprawling complex have also plummeted. The two boilers the Peppermill once needed for heating and hot water now sit idle, a backup in case of emergency. 

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