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Rondo Energy to provide heat battery technology

By District Energy posted 11-22-2022 10:14


World Cement


Rondo Energy, a provider of zero-carbon industrial heat, has announced commercial availability of two models of its Rondo Heat Battery (RHB), the RHB100 and RHB300.

The Rondo Heat Battery (RHB) captures intermittent electricity, stores the energy from that electricity as high-temperature heat in brick materials, and delivers the stored energy on demand as high-temperature heat and/or electricity. The RHB stores heat energy at temperatures up to 1500°C for hours or days — delivering zero-carbon heat for processes ranging from steel, cement, chemical manufacturing, and all the way to low-temperature food processing.

Beyond direct industrial heat supply, the RHB is a least-cost source of energy for other applications, including district heating and combined heat and power, providing 24/7 clean heat and power.

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