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Energy-efficient Cavanna homes benefit the pocket and the planet

By District Energy posted 11-30-2022 14:54


Devon Live


A recent report published by the Home Builder’s Federation highlighted the environmental and financial benefits of new homes versus existing properties. It found that owners of new-build houses are saving an average of £2,600 on their household bills each year, compared to those living in an equivalent older property. That’s a monthly saving of £215, and more than £20,000 over 10 years.

All Cavanna Homes' properties are fitted with excellent wall and loft insulation and double glazing as standard, to keep warmth in during the winter month and bills down. The homes are also fitted with energy saving light bulbs and integrated kitchen appliances, such as washing machines, dishwashers and ovens have a B energy efficiency rating.

At Cavanna @ Elm Park in Exeter, the company is installing solar panels on selected homes that benefit from exposure to the sun’s energy. The energy will be converted into electricity meaning homeowners will be able to light their homes, save money on their bills and reduce pressure on the National Grid.

On the eastern outskirts of Exeter, near Pinhoe, all 307 one to four-bedroom homes at the Equinox II & III developments are connected to the Monkerton District Heating System, which provides them with a sustainable and cost-effective source of heat and hot water.

A district heating system delivers energy from a central power source, such as a power station or bio-mass boiler, to a number of domestic and non-domestic properties, through a network of insulated pipes. Approximately 500,000 properties in the UK are currently connected to a district heating system and are a key element of the Government’s ongoing drive to reduce carbon emissions and cut the cost of heating bills for domestic and commercial customers.

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