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Microsoft and Google aim to be carbon neutral by 2030

By District Energy posted 11-30-2022 16:16


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Google and Microsoft are two of the world’s largest cloud-focused companies, always competing for more customers in the enterprise space; the two companies agree on the need to radically change the environmental impact of ever-growing data centers.

Google recently announced that it has entered into a power purchase agreement (PPA) with Engie, a French-based utility company, to acquire 12-year 100 MW of renewable energy from an offshore wind farm in Scotland. According to Matt Brittin, Head of Google EMEA, the UK, and Europe are increasingly concerned about climate change and energy resources. In this context, Google also has this common concern and plans to be 90 percent carbon neutral in Europe by 2025. Google previously made a deal with SoftBank/SB Energy to buy 900 MW of solar power for its data center in Texas.

In Finland, waste heat from two new data centers will contribute to the district heating system, which heats over 250,000 people during the winter. The Microsoft data center region in Sweden uses rainwater and outside air to cool servers, while the heat they generate keeps employee work areas warm. Microsoft is also testing batteries to replace diesel generators as backup systems in Sweden.

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