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Molten salt the game changing storage solution to excess renewables

By District Energy posted 11-30-2022 10:00


Rethink Research


Hyme Energy, a Danish thermal energy storage company whose technology is based on molten salts, has agreed to deploy its system in 2024 in Rønne, the main city of the Danish energy island, Bornholm. This will be the first deployment of Hyme Energy’s technology as part of the operation of a combined heat and power plant.

The plant will have a storage capacity of up to 20MWh and will output around 1MW through heat, power and auxiliary services for the grid. Although official figures haven’t been made public, the project will benefit from the financial support of the EU through the Horizon Europe program, a research and innovation program which runs until 2027, with a budget in the billions of Euros.

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