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QTS refits Dutch datacenter to warm thousands of homes with waste heat

By District Energy posted 12-21-2022 10:25


The Register


Thousands of residents living in the Groningen region of The Netherlands will soon find their homes warmed by waste heat from local datacenters.

QTS is latest datacenter operator to team up with local utility WarmteStad to connect their facility to the Groningen district heating grid. Doing so required the construction of a specialized plant, which captures and concentrates the heat generated by the datacenter before distributing it via existing water pipes.

In this case, the datacenter effectively takes the place of a central boiler used to heat the water used to warm homes, businesses, and institutions in Groningen's northern district.

If all of this sounds familiar, QTS isn't the only datacenter working with WarmteStad on the district heating project. Earlier this year, Dutch datacenter firm Bytesnet teamed up with Boston Ltd and WarmteStad to recycle waste heat from its facilities to warm homes in the Groningen region.

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