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University of Missouri power plant celebrates 100 years

By District Energy posted 01-05-2023 08:49




Mizzou’s power plant celebrated its 100th birthday Tuesday. It was 100 years ago when the University of Missouri’s combined cooling heat and power plant began supplying energy for education, research and health care.

Inventor Thomas Edison helped start the MU Power Plant in 1882 by giving the University of Missouri an electric generator and incandescent lamps.

The power plant opened in 1923 with an energy delivery system of underground pipes. The plant’s pipes system is more than 26 miles and produces power for more than 16-million square feet of campus buildings.

Energy Management Director Michael O’Connor said, “We provide heating which is steam or thermal energy. We also provide thermal energy in the source of chilled water for air-conditioning, electricity, domestic drinking water and compressed air to some of the buildings that require compressed air.”

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