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A Note to the IDEA Membership Community Re: IDEA Board of Directors

By District Energy posted 15 days ago


To the IDEA Membership Community:

As mentioned in mid-January, Ed Conway was promoted to the position of Corporate Ombudsman at Consolidated Edison in New York City on December 6, 2022. This is a vitally important position at the corporation, one of the largest investor-owned utility companies in the US. 
In accordance with the responsibilities of his new office, Ed resigned from the IDEA Board of Directors as Vice Chair of the Executive Committee, effective 26 December, 2022.  
Pursuant to the IDEA bylaws, the sitting Directors on the Board have now voted unanimously to appoint the current Second Vice Chair, Carlyle Coutinho of Enwave to succeed immediately to the role of Vice Chair and the current At Large Member, Joan Kowal of NextEra Energy, to succeed to the position of Second Vice Chair. In addition, IDEA Chair David Musto has appointed David Woodson, University of Washington, to serve as the At Large representative to the Executive Committee.
It is anticipated that the sequential transition of IDEA Officers will continue as planned at the Annual Business Meeting in June 2023 with Vice Chair advancing to Chair, Second Vice Chair to Vice Chair and current Chair to Immediate Past Chair. 
Congratulations to Carlyle, Joan and David, and again, our sincere best wishes and gratitude to Ed Conway for his many, many years of volunteer service to IDEA and our industry.
Members are welcome to reach out to Rob Thornton, President & CEO of IDEA, at with any questions.

IDEA officers and board members serve in a volunteer capacity to support and advance the mission of the association.  Members are encouraged to reach out to Rob Thornton, President & CEO of IDEA, via email at with any questions.