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VR has major benefits for design of renovation of distrct cooling facility in Sweden

By District Energy posted 01-25-2023 12:02


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“It was an ‘aha’ experience,” says Lennart Bolin, Facility Manager at E.ON Energiinfrastruktur. He used VR technology to see how FVB has designed the renovation of a district cooling facility in Sweden.

The technology of virtual reality (VR) was developed by video game designers to enhance the experience for those who play video games. Nowadays, VR is also used for training pilots and surgeons, as well as architects. FVB recently started using VR for designing facilities.

“This allows us to give the customer the opportunity to move around in the model at an early stage and look at the design, which is even clearer in VR as the experience is actually to scale. The earlier we can get feedback, the more cost-effective the projects will be,” says David Jonsson at FVB.
One of the projects for which FVB has used VR is E.ON’s renovation of a production facility for district cooling in Sweden. It is a fairly major renovation, with the removal of a spray-type deaerator and an existing basin. 

In the space where the basin is currently located, pumps will be placed and the spray-type deaerator will be replaced with a tray-type deaerator.

“Several of my colleagues and I have used the VR headsets and experienced what the district cooling facility that we are now renovating will look like,” says Lennart Bolin. 

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