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Harrison Street forms 40-year Partnership for Campus Utilities at Worcester Polytechnic Institute

By District Energy posted 01-31-2023 15:19


Solar Builder


Investment management firm Harrison Street has entered into a long-term public-private partnership (P3) with Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) in Worcester, Massachusetts, for the university’s on-campus utility system.

Under the terms of the 40-year deal, Harrison Street will lease, manage, operate, develop and finance the WPI’s utility system, while Cogen Power Technologies will serve as the operator of the facility. As part of the agreement, Harrison Street is looking to add an estimated 1 MW in solar energy on the campus, pending design, engineering, interconnection and diligence considerations. The company is evaluating who the optimal solar partner will be for WPI. Battery storage is also being considered as part of WPI’s utility system as well.

Harrison Street and WPI have already identified a series of projects spanning not just solar, but combined heat and power (CHP) and efficiency updates, all of which will reduce the carbon footprint across the campus. In addition, they are exploring other projects that could include developing microgrids for the campus and alternative energy technologies, such as geothermal wells.

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