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Harnessing Waste Heat Could Save €67 Billion for Europe

By District Energy posted 02-21-2023 22:57




Europe’s industries and transportation systems waste so much heat that capturing the excess and reusing it could save consumers more than €67 billion, a Danish engineering company said.

The surplus produced each year by factories, supermarkets, wastewater facilities, data centers and subways amounts to 2,860 terawatt-hours, nearly the same as the European Union’s total demand for heat and hot water in residential and service-sector buildings, Danfoss Energy said.

“It’s not energy we need to produce; it’s energy we need to reuse,” CEO Kim Fausing said in an interview. “It can be done with technology we have on the shelf already today.”

Using excess heat in combination with other efforts to reach net zero could save €67.4 billion ($72 billion) annually by 2050, according to the research by closely held Danfoss, which produces heating and ventilation systems. In urban environments, the surplus would be transferred into a district network to warm a central water source for heating nearby buildings.

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