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Hungarian authority holds multi-city promotion of geothermal

By District Energy posted 03-08-2023 07:31


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Over the course of February 2023, the Authority for the Supervision of Regulated Activities (SZTFH) of Hungary went on an eight-city tour to promote the use of geothermal energy. The tour involved 24 events and traveled a distance of 1800 kilometers before culminating at the Office of the Municipality of Pest County.

During the series of events, experts from the SZTFH visited the affected regions of Hungary to present the possibilities for the applications of geothermal energy, as well as the new regulatory framework. The events were mainly attended by local governments in the concerned counties, as well as representatives of district heating city management companies, industrial parks, universities, greenhouse operating companies, and operators of thermal spas.

The SZTFH believes that professional dialogue is necessary to aid in the implementation of the decrees that will appear in the near future. During the tour, the SZTFH was able to build relationships with the local actors, thus becoming familiar with the needs of the investors.

The goal of the SZTFH is to create a simpler legal framework for the development of geothermal projects that is free of unnecessary bureaucracy, thus allowing investments to proceed faster and more professionally.

The geothermal heating district in Szeged, Hungary has proven to be a success and has been described as a “blueprint for other European cities.” In late 2022, it was reported that the use of geothermal energy for heating has resulted in significant reduction in heating costs of the residents in Szeged.

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