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Hamburger Energiewerke purchases cogeneration plant in Moorburg

By District Energy posted 03-09-2023 09:35


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Hamburger Energiewerke has acquired all the remaining land and infrastructure on the site of the former coal-fired power plant in Moorburg after becoming the official owner of Vattenfall Heizkraftwerk Moorburg GmbH in March and taking over 94 employees. Hamburger Energiewerke now aims to build hydrogen infrastructure there. A "Green Hydrogen Hub" electrolyser is to be built on site using certain parts of the former combined heat and power plant.

Hamburg as "European nucleus" of hydrogen sector
"Moorburg is linked to green hydrogen production like no other site," said Melanie Leonhard, Senator for Economics. The electrolyser is essential to a hydrogen alliance project involving industry and the energy sector. A pipeline system will link up the Moorburg plant with companies across the city and the hyperlink supra-regional pipeline system. "We are positioning Hamburg as a European nucleus from which the ramp-up of a modern hydrogen economy can be driven forward thereby strengthening pan-European economic clout," she added.

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