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Building managers can digitally assess carbon footprints, set emissions targets, manage emissions, and track progress for reporting

By District Energy posted 03-15-2023 12:06


Johnson Controls


Finally, building managers can put away the complicated spreadsheets, and use a single digital dashboard to assess carbon footprints, set targets, and manage and track emissions. Johnson Controls (NYSE: JCI), the global leader for smart, healthy, sustainable buildings, announces Johnson Controls OpenBlue Net Zero Advisor, which uses digitally automated data collection and analytics to manage and track scope 1 and 2 emissions and assist building owners in reporting for certification and compliance frameworks. Organizations can manage single-building emissions targets around the world, and also aggregate global building data to optimize buildings and support reporting on enterprise-wide climate targets.

As regulators seek proof of progress towards net zero goals, they are calling on building owners to provide reliable emissions reporting. Accurate carbon footprint assessment, target-setting, tracking and management are paramount, as climate disclosures become mandatory not only for building certification and environmental reporting, but also for financial regulation. Yet, organizations struggle to collect, analyze and operationalize the data, given disparate data sources and varying local conditions. The vast number of different reporting frameworks adds to the complexity.

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